The purpose of this blog is to have a little fun with the past and get people interested in the events and people that color history. Not 100% of the statements made in these posts are historically accurate; many jokes (or attempts at jokes) are made for the reader's pleasure (or disdain). While the bulk of the information is true, it is up to the reader to figure out which snippets are for fun, and hopefully convince the reader to research further into that period of history to find out the whole story. The author of this blog is not to be held responsible for any misinformation taken away from the blog, whether it be from intentional comedic fabrications, or from facts presented based on primary or secondary sources that have been or will be proven to be out of date.

As a blog that pokes fun at history, there will be times that an individual's culture, heritage, religion, homeland, and/or namesake will be the central point of a humorous take on an event. These assertions are not to be taken seriously. The author will strive to remain distant from moments in history that continues to resonate heavily with a group of people today. However, it is impossible to make all cultures or nations off-limits when attempting to compose historical articles from events all over the world. If the reader is offended by a particular post or comment, the author humbly submits his apology, and reiterates that he did not intend to seriously slander any person, location, or way of life. The author will therefore not remove any post or statement made on the blog due to a request or demand from an individual, nor will he respond to any such missive informing him of the individual's negative sentiments. No individual is required to read this blog, and if an individual should become offended by it, the author asks that the individual should spend time on another corner of the internet.

As stated on the "About the Canned Historian" page, the author is currently attending school to become a secondary education teacher in Social Studies. All donations made to the author's Paypal account will go to benefit the author's education, whether it be for tuition, books, room, or board. While the author will attempt to post regularly, he may become entangled in outside engagements and be unable to update the blog every week. Also, since the author is planning to become a school teacher, he will not be posting completely inappropriate statements or jokes in the blog, as he wishes for this information to be readily available to individuals under the age of eighteen. The author asks that if a reader wishes to comment on the blog, the reader should keep their comments clean and free of obscenities or lude statements, or else they will not be accepted by the author. Constructive criticism is admissible, vulgar attacks will not be tolerated.

Now that all that serious stuff is out of the way, enjoy the histories of the Canned Historian!